Accumulation of superannuation across a lifetime

Elliot Lavers, Mark Bott, Katarina Trinh and Jacob Stone
Release date

Information Note1

This is the third in a series of information notes to showcase results of Treasury’s new dynamic microsimulation Model of Australian Retirement Incomes and Assets (MARIA)2.

This note analyses how Australian median superannuation balances are expected to change over time.

We project superannuation balances over the next forty years for Australians of different incomes and ages. The analysis shows that superannuation balances are projected to increase for all Australians and that younger Australians and higher income Australians will benefit most from the maturing superannuation system.

1The views expressed in this note are those of The Treasury and do not necessarily reflect those of the Australian Government. This note was prepared by Elliot Lavers, Mark Bott, Katarina Trinh and Jacob Stone in Revenue Group.

2MARIA simulates a range of life events each year for each individual in the model to project people’s income and assets in retirement.